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Commercial Design Projects

Logical Cad Solutions

Commercial Design Projects

Logical CAD Solutions is responsible for many award-winning commercial design projects in the Houston, Texas area. We offer commercial design projects for companies of all sizes in the architectural and engineering industries. Our architects provide professional, fast, and accurate BIM and CAD drafting services to suit all of your business needs.

We have designed mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (M.E.P.) plans throughout the United States of America for many projects, including:

  • retail strip centers
  • churches
  • salons
  • warehouses
  • parking garages
  • renovations
  • commercial as-builts and architectural surveys

We are known for our competitive, plan-to-permit designs done by experienced and certified college graduate professionals. We take pride in quick and accurate turnaround time for all of our projects, no matter the scale.

Logical CAD Solutions guarantees all drafting services with permitting service protection. Our permitting service protection plan guarantees our customers a set of error-free and building code-compliant construction drawings based on your project’s city, state, or general location. If ever building code enforcement finds any issues with the architectural layout we create for you, we will make it right by correcting and resubmitting your plans until they have been approved and are ready to build.

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    Logical CAD Solutions makes it quick and easy for you to work with our services! Our customer login page allows you or your staff to upload your project for us to work on and complete. You can upload files securely to our customer portal without losing any of your business email storage capacity. On our customer portal, you can even check the progress of your project as it’s updated in real-time. After your project is complete, we will directly notify you by email or your notification of choice.

    Logical CAD Solutions employs competitive pricing for all of our business clients. Our services are premium, but we also reflect the prices of the architectural industry today.

    Why You Should Hire a Professional CAD Company

    You’re a business owner, and we know that your time is valuable. We want to eliminate the need for you to spend countless hours creating architectural CAD drawings for your clients. We’ll take care of the productivity part, so you can focus on other vital tasks in your company, such as acquiring new clients or managing your team.

    Our professional services will save you an abundance of hours and ensure that all aspects of your project are mapped out to perfection before construction even starts.

    Are You Looking For A New Professional CAD Company?

    We’re Logical CAD Solutions, and we love what we do. Our professional architects are passionate about creating high-quality drawings that help our clients achieve their goals. We take pride in the work we do because it helps us build better buildings and communities. It’s an honor to be part of such a rewarding process, and we want to share that with you!

    You can trust us to create accurate as-builts from your existing building information model (BIM) or architectural survey data so you can make informed decisions about your project. With over 15 years of experience under our belt, we’ll make sure your next project goes smoothly from start to finish – no matter how big or small the job may be. Our dedicated staff is always available by phone or email for support. That means no more waiting around all day just hoping someone will answer your call – we’ll always strive to be there for you right away.

    Give us a call now at (832) 264-7847 for a free quote on all of our services. We look forward to partnering with you on your next award-winning project!

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