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The Styles of Architecture Timeline – Buildings Through The Ages

Vance - May 6, 2022 - 0 comments

Have you ever wondered how the buildings around us have evolved? Each style of architecture has its own unique features, and they’ve been influenced by political, social, and technological changes. Take a journey and explore the styles of architecture timeline throughout history!

Prehistoric Dwellings

The first styles of architecture were undoubtedly created by early humans living in prehistoric times. These dwellings were simple structures made out of basic materials like wood, stone, and mud. Common features found in these early buildings included thatched roofs, small windows for ventilation, and simple interior spaces for cooking and sleeping.

Ancient Egyptian Architecture

The ancient Egyptians are known for their architectural feats, such as massive pyramids and temples. This style of architecture is characterized by its use of large stone blocks, sloped walls, columns, and hieroglyphic decorations. Standard features found in Egyptian buildings include courtyards, pylons, and Obelisks.

Mesopotamian Architecture

Mesopotamia was home to some of the earliest known civilizations, including the Sumerians and the Babylonians. Mesopotamian architecture commonly used mud bricks to construct houses, temples, and palaces. This architecture style also used ziggurats, which were large stepped towers that served as religious structures.

Classical Architecture

As civilizations developed around the world during ancient times, so did their styles of architecture. Classical architecture emerged around 2500 BC due to advances in engineering and building technology. Symmetrical designs characterized this style with columns, arches, and domes to create large, aesthetically pleasing, functional structures. Classical architecture includes Greek temples like the Parthenon in Athens and the Roman Colosseum.

Medieval Architecture

The styles of architecture during the Middle Ages were greatly influenced by the Romanesque and Gothic styles that emerged. Romanesque architecture was characterized by round arches and thick walls, while Gothic architecture featured intricate designs with pointed arches and tall spires. These styles were popularized throughout Europe during the Crusades and became some of the most iconic examples of medieval architecture.

Renaissance Architecture

The Renaissance was a period of extraordinary creativity in the arts within the styles of architecture timeline. Renaissance architects revived the classical styles of Greece and Rome but also incorporated their innovations to create more ornate structures. The result was a period of beautiful and highly-detailed architecture, characterized by grandiose facades and arched windows.

Baroque Architecture

The Baroque period was one of opulence and extravagance, which reflects in the styles of architecture during this time. Baroque architects sought to impress with size and scale. They used dramatic elements such as large domes and ornate decorations to achieve this effect.

Neoclassical Architecture

The Neoclassical period marked a return to the styles of the Classical era. Architects in this period sought to replicate the simplicity and elegant designs of Greek and Roman architecture. However, they also incorporated some of the latest technological advances of their time, such as iron construction.

Modern Architecture

The Modernist movement was a driving force in architecture in the early 20th century. Architects sought to break away from traditional styles and create something entirely new. The influence came from various factors, including the Industrial Revolution and the changes wrought by it. Modernist architects used new materials and construction techniques to create light, airy, and functional buildings.

Postmodern Architecture

The Postmodern movement began in the 1970s as a reaction against the austerity of Modernism. Architects sought to add more color, pattern, and decoration to their buildings. They also incorporated elements from earlier periods in the styles of architecture timeline, such as Classical and Gothic. Postmodernism style is sometimes referred to as “Deconstructivism” because of the way it often appears to be deconstructed or in disarray.

Inspired Works from the Styles of Architecture Timeline

One of the most iconic styles of postmodern architecture is that of Frank Gehry. His buildings, such as the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, and Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, are characterized by their bold curves and unusual shapes.

Other notable architects who practiced Postmodern styles include Robert Venturi and Philip Johnson. Venturi’s Vanna Venturi House, built in 1964 in Philadelphia, incorporates geometric forms and motifs from Classical styles into its design. And Philip Johnson’s famous Glass House embodied many characteristics of the Deconstructivist movement with its fragmented facade and open floor plan.

Which Style Is Right for Me?

Whether you are drawn to bold lines or intricate details, there is something for everyone on the styles of architecture timeline. Whether you are a fan of the clean lines of Modern styles or prefer the intricate details of Gothic styles, there is something for everyone.

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